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e-CMR in Germany

On September 17, 2021, the German parliament ratified the e-CMR protocol. This means that e-CMR can now also be used in Germany. Since Germany accounts for almost half of all cross-border transports, this greatly accelerates the adoption and application of e-CMR. In this article we share more details, including the latest status for ratifications. e-CMR can be applied in 31 countries now.

Can I start right away?

On Friday 17 September, the draft law was approved by the German Federal Council. The official approval and implementation in the German Bundestag is expected soon. This is a formality. Due to the upcoming Bundestag elections on Sunday 26 September, this official ratification may be slightly delayed. This does not alter the fact that the Bundestag decision paves the way for the official use of the digital consignment note in Germany.

Thorough preparation and elaboration

The Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz prepared the e-CMR legislation before it was submitted to the Bundestag (the German parliament). Based on the e-CMR protocol, a thorough analysis has been made of the legal articles and their interpretation for application by companies. Here you will find, for example, instructions for the application of a secure signature.

This legislation has been coordinated with the federal states and employers’ organizations before submission. As a result, there is broad support and the e-CMR protocol can be applied nationally.

Latest status e-CMR ratifications

Below you will find a map with the latest status for e-CMR ratifications. The e-CMR protocol was ratified by 30 countries worldwide and can be applied throughout Europe and neighboring countries.

Source: treaties UN

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