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Digital goods issuing desk e-CMR

Digitalisering logistiek ecmr

e-CMR on the rise among shippers and transporters

Figures from Dutch government organization NIWO show that the use of e-CMR quadrupled in 2020 in the Benelux. This means that digital goods issuance is on the rise among shippers and transporters.
Based on our experience, and in partnership with The Rookie Minds we created the publication ‘8 Insights for digitizing goods issuance’.

With the best practices in this publication we help companies to reduce administrative costs and improve the quality of the issuance process. Below you will find 4 recommendations:

1) Companies that certify their goods issuing process save money and improve the quality of their operation.

2) With digital goods issuance you take data security to a higher level.

3) More than 50% of all transports within the EU can already be handled paperless. Now is a good time to open up the digital issuing desk.

4) Trucks will no longer have to be stopped for inspection. Invest now in a data export function within your ERP or TMS system to enable ‘on the fly’ inspections.

Curious what the other 4 best practices are? Fill in the form below and we will share the full publication.