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e-CMR Academy

eCMR Academy

The e-CMR Academy was launched at the beginning of April. This program is specially designed to enable organizations to apply e-CMR within a few hours, after setup.
Core users are trained in an online ‘Train-the-Trainer’ session to work with e-CMR. Keynotes:

  • Explanation about e-CMR and the changes in the process
  • Explanation e-CMR application and core functions within Collect + Go, e.g. data management of organizations, users and roles and the application of secure e-signing processes
  • Handling e-CMRs, the “happy flow”
  • Exceptions handling

After completing the Train-the-Trainer session, 5 online coaching sessions of 20 minutes are planned in the first week in which e-CMR is applied in the workplace. During these sessions, it is discussed how the implementation is progressing and where adjustments are needed.

The first shippers and carriers have now participated in the e-CMR Academy.