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Dataspace e-CMR

e-CMR HUB. That is the name of the dataspace where e-CMR providers can exchange data to handle each other’s e-CMRs. Collect + Go, Cargoledger, Logistiek Zonder Papier and Pionira work together in this dataspace on e-CMR compatibility. Our goal is to make APIs available that make it possible to sign off each other’s e-CMRs.

In practice, we are already doing this with Pionira. A major Belgian brewer issues e-CMRs on Pionira’s Xynaps platform. Drivers process these e-CMRs further with Collect + Go in their familiar Transics workflow.
We are now developing this platform-to-platform integration into a generic function within the Data Innovation Hub ‘Smart Connected Supplier Network‘ in Eindhoven.

Funds from the European Union have been made available to the e-CMR HUB Consortium to develop two generic components:
– e-CMR Transaction clearance service. This API will ensure that e-CMR providers can sign transactions with each other.
– e-CMR Inspection service. With this API we provide a common access point for on-the-go checks.

This initiative is supported by the I4TRUST organization. They provide the tools and resources for effective and confidential data exchange (including Fiware, iSHARE, Fundingbox).

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