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Interoperability e-CMR: shared signature process now available

Interoperabiliteit e-CMR

The Benelux authorities have given a positive advice for the use of the interoperability function of Collect + Go. With this function it is possible to process e-CMRs from other e-CMR providers.

The NIWO organisation (part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) reviewed Collect + Go’s software changes for interoperability against the applicable legislation and regulations for the e-CMR protocol. This audit has shown that the exchange of data is in line with the requirements for checks en route, application of secure signatures and information sharing. Based on this positive assessment, this function can therefore be applied within goods issue and receipt processes.

Collect + Go works together with other e-CMR providers within the open partnership Digi-Transit. Within this collaboration, the integration has been set up to share e-signing processes with each other. Truck drivers and warehouse workers who work with Collect + Go can sign the e-CMRs from other providers within their familiar process. Under the hood, the data is exchanged, so that ‘interoperable’ e-CMRs can be processed further. The signature of our users is therefore also valid for e-signing on other e-CMR platforms.