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e-CMR in container logistics

eCMR Cargocard integration

Digitalization of container handling

Are you a shipper or carrier transporting containers to the port of Rotterdam or inland terminals? Then take a few minutes to read this post. Within the Living Lab container digitization, we work together with terminals, shippers, and carriers to promote e-CMR digitalization. Participants who get started on this can receive an innovation contribution of up to 10,000 euros. Make an appointment via the form below if you want to qualify for this opportunity.

Living Lab 52 DIL

Collect + Go is one of the drivers of the Living Lab digitization of multimodal container logistics. Within this program, knowledge and application of e-CMR and related technologies in container logistics are further developed with carriers, shippers, and terminals. By bringing together activities from various initiatives, such as Digital Infrastructure Logistics and Joint Corridors Off-Road, in a Living Lab, digitization in multimodal container logistics is promoted. This innovative collaboration aims for paperless, efficient, and secure multimodal container transport in the hinterland and to and from the Port of Rotterdam, both for import and export flows.


The collaboration brings together technology companies, terminals, shippers, and carriers to digitize logistics and administrative processes in container logistics in an innovative way. The Living Lab focuses on achieving:

  • Paperless operations: Digitization and data-driven operations will become the norm;
  • Document management solution: Documents, transfer moments, and signing processes are digitally and automatically recorded;
  • Safe transport process: Carriers and their drivers operate within a secure process to transfer the container;
  • Relevant information at the right time: Parties share relevant data with their chain partners in a timely manner.

Use of advanced technologies

Technology companies Collect + Go, InnoTractor, Pharox, and Sentors have integrated their technologies to seamlessly connect with container logistics processes, laying the foundation for their clients to activate e-CMR, OCR, AI, IoT, GPS sensors, and end-to-end visibility.

Connection to BDI

This initiative also aligns with the Basic Data Infrastructure (BDI), a logistics agreement that focuses on controlled data sharing. The BDI determines who has access to data and under what conditions this data can be viewed or modified. By sharing data through the BDI, supply chains can optimize and innovate. This transition enables businesses to move from one-to-one data connections to federated data sharing for the entire chain.

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