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e-CMR HUB: data exchange between e-CMR providers

Interoperabiliteit e-CMR

e-CMR HUB: data exchange between e-CMR providers

e-CMR providers Cargoledger, Collect + Go, Logistiek Zonder Papier and Pionira are working together on a generic open API structure to handle each other’s e-CMRs. They do this with the e-CMR HUB within I4TRUST.
By adding Fiware and iSHARE technology in the mutual cooperation, we make it possible to recognize and further process each other’s transactions. A user within one platform can then sign an e-CMR on the other platform.

In addition to this function, an inspection process is also being worked on. Consortium member 51BIZ from Luxembourg shares knowledge in the field of inspection by public authorities.   

On May 12, we presented this setup to the Benelux governments and other e-CMR providers within the e-CMR Benelux working group. There, this initiative was positively received. It was also suggested that this initiative be given a place within Basic Data Infrastructure (BDI), an initiative within Rijkswaterstaat.

Funding is made available from the EU to develop and integrate these compatibility functions into the solutions of the participating consortium members.