Modal shift e-CMR

Modal shift e-CMR


Modal shift in documents – cool innovation for planners and truck drivers

Together with Logistics Community Brabant we started the development of modal shift in the administrative process of planners and drivers. Bostik, one of the largest adhesives producers in Europe, wants to digitize the document process together with transporters GVT and Essers on the joint corridor Tilburg – Rzepin. Shippers and hauliers will be enabled  to connect their administrative processes to the administrative requirements imposed on road transport and freight transport by train.

By using the e-CMR as a basis and integrating this information with the consignment note for the train (the CIM), a digital chain of various documents and standard messages will soon be created.

Together with Martijn Leenknegt of BUAS, Frans van den Boomen of Lean & Green and Gert-Jan Rombouts, we are going to work on the issuing process e-CMR for road transport to be connected to the SIM order for the train. The objective is to create a digital process in the short term in which planners and drivers can pass the e-CMR on to each other.

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