e-Signing for warehouse | Sharing of authentications within Digi-Transit

e-Signing for warehouse | Sharing of authentications within Digi-Transit

Sharing of authentications in e-CMR

There is a lot of paper hassle in logistics. 99% of all cross-border road transports are accompanied by paper waybills / CMRs, a legal requirement. The typical process is that waybills are printed out in the warehouses of shippers or carriers and handed over to truck drivers. Pionira and Collect + Go are both experts in digitizing this process. With their accreditation by the Benelux governments to create e-CMRs, they offer companies such as Vos Logistics, Stora Enso, Leen Bakker, Scheuten Glas, Molenbergnatie and Eutraco a digital solution compliant with e-CMR legislation.

One of the important barriers to implement the e-CMR process is the acceptance of digital signing processes by warehouse employees. Different e-CMR providers all use their own way of authenticating users within their signing processes. 5 e-CMR providers already work together on datasharing and interoperability in Digi-Transit (www.digi-transit.eu).

In the beginning of 2019, Pionira from Zeebrugge and Collect + Go from ‘s-Hertogenbosch took the initiative to set up this open partnership. To further implement this collaboration, they are now launching a blockchain solution to share ID authentications, making it easier for shippers and LSP’s to digitize their signing processes.

The essence is that a verification on one platform is shared with the other platform. For example, when a warehouse employee signs an incoming transaction within Pionira and an outgoing via Collect + Go, he can use the same authentication in signing. The warehouse employee only has to be registered once as a user within one of the respective platforms. The blockchain controls the rest via the “green tick”. Pionira and Collect + Go will work together in the coming months to make an initial setup via the blockchain (prototype). Once operational, this setup is shared with the other participants within Digi-Transit.

Hans Togtema (CEO Collect + Go): “Good use cases in blockchain are rare, I think we have one. By sharing our authentications in a smart way with other e-CMR providers, we make it easy for shippers and LSP’s to work on e-CMR. The investment in a digital signing process pays off immediately. “


Barry van Leuven (CEO Pionira): “We are committed to mutual cooperation in Digi-Transit. This fits very well in with dynamics in the European market. The mutual sharing of data with the government and between platforms in a uniform manner is essential. Interoperability is the way forward in this.