European roadmap for freight documents major opportunity for shippers and transporters. And relevant in relation to #Brexit

On 17 January 2019 the e-CMR evaluation session took place in Brussels. Lia Potec, EU policy officer, shared the roadmap e-CMR on behalf of the EU. During this session the EU developments in the next 4-5 years for digital waybills in road transportation were announced. This roadmap offers plenty of opportunities for shippers and transporters. The e-CMR Benelux pilot plays an important role in this.

e-CMR: shippers and carriers are already building the efficient sustainable supply chains of tomorrow

The application of e-CMR within the Benelux is under way. From 1 March 2018, the Benelux market opened up with the definition of the e-CMR Benelux pilot. In 2018, strong growth in transactions can be observed. Based on a gradual adoption it is expected that 5% of shippers and logistics service providers will start sharing data in the period 2019-2020.

It is important for the market to make this pilot a success, as it will further strenghten logistics chains. The EU estimates efficiency gains to be € 1 billion / 65 tonnes of CO2 reduction per year for market parties. Our benchmarks show that there is 50-60% savings  on the table compared to the current process.

EU Roadmap

The European Union has announced that there will be a European database for authorities within 4-5 years to harmonize the control tasks associated with the e-CMR. Certified software providers that participate in the Benelux pilot e-CMR will soon be given the opportunity to share their data with this European e-FTI platform. Collect + Go is a leader in the application of e-CMR and one of these certified parties.

Current status e-CMR

The market for cross-border digitisation is opening up. Laws and regulations are developing in the right direction, there is a choice between different reliable platforms and there is money to be made with digitization. The question for many companies is how and where to start.

The digitization of documents for truck drivers seems easy, in practice this means that people will have to change behavior and start working differently. Where truck drivers are still accustomed to processing billions of paper documents every year, this will soon be a matter of doing the administration on an app.

An evolution from paper to digital has taken 5-10 years in the hospitality industry and in bookkeeping. A similar development is expected in logistics. Shippers and transporters have the choice between different platforms. The audits of the authorities have shown that these platforms are robust and safe to work with.

Shippers and transporters now have the choice between different platforms. The audits of the authorities have shown that these platforms are robust and safe to work with. From sector organizations, the emphasis is on standardization. The e-CMR pilot and the providers that participate in it are not promoted as a category.

That is a missed opportunity because these providers will drive the necessary standardization! Every day they work on tomorrow’s paperless standards in transportion. In this they are building tomorrow’s paperless future. This ‘category  approach’ blends nicely in with Europe, a continent of choice and multiformity. A Chinese approach does not appear to be a beckoning perspective.

38% of the EU market is already digital. Go for it!

We advise our customers and prospects to apply to the logistics flows within the Benelux, France, Spain and Switzerland.

Application on these flows fits well for first cross-border digitisation. The e-CMR serves as messaging system in data sharing. In these markets, which represent 38% of the total EU market, can already be applied. Application to the outgoing flow of UK is interesting in the context of the Brexit.

We have the recipe to do this in an easy and familiar way. Not as a project, but as plug & play. No IT capacity required! We actively work together with our (knowledge) partners. As a contributor to Logistics Community Brabant, for example, we develop in cooperation with shippers and transporters tomorrow’s paperless processess.

We enable truck drivers and planners to do their administration the easy way. Do you want to innovate with us? Then invite us for a cup of coffee.